Four Lessons Every Content Creator Should Learn From YouTube Stars

Once upon a time, there was only one news channel. It aired all news in the form of bulletins. Then came several more and today we have news channels in every language, region and even for specific niches, such as business and commerce. Television networks have long dominated the media and entertainment landscape.

Most of them feature all kinds of shows. That is changing now. There are comedy channels dedicated to humor and lighthearted entertainment. Some networks are known more for their epics and dramas than comedies or sitcoms. YouTube is a league apart from all these conventional mediums.

YouTube stars have proven than any content creator should not try to do everything. It is anyway impossible for an artist to be a master of every form of that art. Very few artists have managed to dabble in all known genres and lead the way to a new category of that art form. Every creator has a specialization.

One can have multiple specializations, but no one has mastery in everything. Hence, content creators should learn some essential lessons about such realities. More so because these have been proven by recent YouTube stars such as Ryan’s World, Jake Paul, Dude Perfect, Dan TDM, Jeffree Star, Markiplier, VanossGaming, Jacksepticeye, Logan Paul and of course PewDiePie, the one who started it all.  

What are you good at?

The first lesson is: choose your niche. There is one thing you will find common in all the profiles of the aforementioned YouTube stars and others who are not mentioned here. All of them have a niche. Their niche is also quite specific. They tend to stay away from matters within their niche that do not always understand or fully comprehend. Choose a niche. It can be fashion, health, lifestyle, entertainment, comedy, politics, geography, history, math, science, games or anything you can think of.

It is not just comedy or humor, satire, sarcasm or parody that sells on YouTube. NASA has nearly five million subscribers. A much lesser known brand, SciShow Space has more than a million and two hundred ; fifty thousand subscribers. There is an audience for everything. You have to choose what you wish to present and this should depend on your expertise and experience, not what others are doing or which category is more popular.

Who is your intended audience?

The second lesson is: decide your target audience. It is not just nationality or region, language and age group. There is much more to demographics than these obvious factors. Language is becoming less of a problem these days as automated subtitles or closed captions are becoming better. Decide the socioeconomic demography you want to target, the education level, shared passions and other attributes to define your intended audience. If you are targeting the wrong audience, then even your finest content will generate very little interest. All YouTube stars know precisely who their dedicated audience is and what they want.

Keep producing new content!

A content creator has to be relentless. If you think to produce a few videos every month will retain your viewers and subscribers, then you could not be more wrong. Millions of people are vying for attention on YouTube and elsewhere. If you give any of them a bit of space so they can create a foothold and take your following away, then you can be certain they will do exactly that. You must give your audience something to look forward to, all the time. You can upload a new video every day, on alternate days or you can drop a few on weekends. Whatever is your strategy, be consistent and deliver.

Be original, deliver on promises to satiate expectations and also surprise!

The fourth lesson is a combination of the successful traits of popular YouTube stars. All of them are original, not in the category or niche, but who they are and how they present their content. The personality of the content creator, the themes and presentations should be somewhat unique. Deliver on promises so the audience expectations are not unquenched. Finally, surprise your audience in a pleasant way. You can also choose to shock them, if that suits your niche.

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