How to Become a YouTuber: Easy and Proven Steps

How to Become a YouTuber

No doubt, YouTube is the number 1 video sharing platform on the Internet today, with more viewers than TV. Started in 2005, YouTube is now the second most visited website in the world after Google, with over 30 million active users per day. When people need to watch or share videos, YouTube is the primary source they head over to. 

Given this platform’s popularity and digital impact, it has already catapulted many content creators to the pinnacle of fame and success. Now, many people are following suit, hoping to become the next YouTube stars.

If you came here searching for how to become a YouTuber or how to start a YouTube channel, you might find this blog post helpful. We’ll tell you how to become a successful YouTuber, which can also help you make money with YouTube. Read on.

Find your niche

When starting a YouTube channel, make sure to find your niche so you can rally a community of followers. Your niche is your channel’s base. Ask yourself: What are you passionate about? What topics would you love making YouTube videos about? Finding your niche will keep you concentrated and organized. It will draw the right audience to your channel and keep them coming back. 

When selecting a niche, take some time to do a soul searching. Assess your interests, emotions, and passions. Consider what you are good at and investigate whether there is a demand for what you do. Head over to a keyword research tool to see what are people searching for in your niche. Doing so will help you test the waters for the competition and then select a niche with low competition and better growth chances. A carefully selected niche is an important component of how to become a YouTuber.

Stay consistent

Many people will tell you how to start a YouTube Channel, but only a few will tell you that consistency in creating and posting content is a crucial element to be a successful YouTuber. You can keep your subscribers and viewers engaged and excited by being consistent with your posting schedule.

The YouTube algorithm also favors regular uploading. Be sure to have a content schedule and stick to it. By doing so, you will boost your credibility and authority in the niche, creating a fan base of enthusiasts and supporters who will promote your videos. It can fuel your channel’s growth and success. 

Customize your channel design

As a YouTuber, you don’t want your channel to look dull and boring. You need to give your viewers an excellent first impression when they land on your homepage. Click on the blue “Customize Channel” button to start the customization process. Change the visual appearance of your channel’s page by adding channel art like a high-quality photo or graphic design, creating professional background wallpaper, and selecting attractive colors. 

Your channel’s visuals will echo your persona and communicate your channel’s theme. It will serve as a powerful draw for your prospective viewers and subscribers, increasing traffic to your channel. Besides the channel art, there are many things you can do to personalize your YouTube channel, such as putting up a trailer video.

Interact with your audience

When you first start uploading videos to your channel, you are looking for viewers. Initially, you won’t have a big audience. But since you have started out, you have to build one. You may come up with world-class videos. You may have the best solution or entertainment for your audience. But your channel won’t grow unless you start to interact with your viewers and subscribers.  Being social is an inevitable element of achieving success with YouTube videos

The best thing about YouTube is that there are real people on the screens. The audience can always access the content creators. Keep your viewers engaged. Ask them for comments and be sure to answer their comments. When possible, give shout-outs. Thank your audience for liking, sharing, or appreciating your work. Make them part of the creative process. Ask them what topics they want you to create videos about and fulfill their wishes.  

When you are accessible to your audience, chances are they will promote your content and spread the word. After all, who doesn’t love a performer who is available, friendly, and helpful?

Optimize your videos and channel for search engine ranking

When we talk about YouTube SEO, we are actually referring to two components: channel optimization and video optimization. Search engine optimization is what Google operates on, and since Google acquired YouTube, SEO has made its way to the video platform as well. If you don’t optimize your videos and channel, chances are you will lag behind in the race for followership and viewership.

Here’re some tips to make your channel and videos search engine friendly:

Optimize your channel

Do some keyword research with tools like Google Keyword Planner or YouTube’s search bar and look at the suggestions to see what people are searching for in your niche. 

Choose the keywords with high search volume and low or medium competition and incorporate them in your channel’s name, descriptions, about section, and tags. Do not leave the contact, info, and topics sections empty.

Optimizing your videos

Again, do your keyword research and select the right and popular keywords. Next, include the keywords in the video description, where you briefly explain the video for your audience. Use the keywords in your tags, so YouTube search algorithm can easily track your content. Also, use annotations to link one video to another, which is good for your audience as well as SEO. 

Promote your channel and content

Reaching a larger audience does not stop with YouTube algorithms. While it may be difficult for you as a newbie YouTuber, it is crucial to promote your YouTube videos and channel beyond the algorithms for achieving success on the platform. 

Never forget that people jump on the bandwagon when it comes to entertainment and consumerism. This notion is rooted in social psychology’s “Social Proof” theory. The same applies to YouTube in that People click on videos and channels that have higher views and more likes, respectively. 

Going by the Social Proof theory, you can drive more people to your channel and videos by using certain tricks. You have to make your prospective viewers believe you are more popular. Consider buying real YouTube subscribers, likes, views, and comments to draw people to your channel. 

Other surefire methods to promote your YouTube videos and channel are through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Think about using Facebook’s paid advertisement to promote your content or leverage the power of influencers. If you have a friend who is famous and has massive followers on social media, ask him or her to share your content. It will work like magic to boost your subscribers.  

Starting a YouTube channel wasn’t that easy, was it? These proven steps are how many of the most popular YouTubers used to become popular and make money with YouTube. And these techniques will not cost you a fortune.

Did we miss out on any useful tips on how to become a YouTuber? Share your ideas in the comments. 

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