How To Get More YouTube Views

Whereas most people look at YouTube as the world’s biggest online video portal, smart and savvy business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs recognize that it is so much more than that.

Technically the second largest search engine on the planet (behind parent company Google), 22 billion visits are registered on YouTube each and every single month. On top of that, the average single viewing session sits at just under 40 minutes – meaning you have ample opportunity to capture the attention of people in a way that you never would have been able to online otherwise.

Of course, the reality of YouTube is that you are going to be up against some pretty stiff competition right from day one.

People understand how valuable can be when the channel is used correctly, and that means there is going to be more competition than ever before. We live in the most competitive business environment that’s ever existed in human history and YouTube is just as cutthroat.

To have any real chance at success you need to know exactly how to get more YouTube views to your content in a hurry, to hit the ground running with you to use that really add up, and to flood your account with the kind of engagement that can transform your financial future, boost your influence, and generate real celebrity online or in your niche.

The only trouble is getting YouTube views in the first place.

As a newbie to the platform, you are going to be very much behind the eight ball.

Taking advantage of the inside information we share below will help you hit the ground running, help you generate the kinds of YouTube views you need to succeed, and help you do so as quickly as humanly possible.

Let’s dig right in!

Make YouTube Work For You

The easiest way to get more YouTube views is to simply craft your headlines, your descriptions, and as much of your content as possible for the YouTube search engine algorithms themselves.

Just like if you were trying to promote standard content on your page with search engine optimization in mind, you’ll want to tailor your YouTube content so that it straddles that fine line between obviously being written or created for human beings and obviously being attractive and strategically crafted for search engine algorithms, too.

The better you are able to balance these two different approaches the more successful you are going to be. YouTube uses a variety of different algorithms to calculate how you should be ranked, but as long as you keep a consistent approach (using keyword research tools, keyword planners, and other solutions) you’ll be able to come out ahead.

Tags Are Critical

Another big piece of the puzzle you’ll want to make the most of when crafting YouTube content is to focus on tags and the way that they can be used to help people find the videos you are creating.

Tags aren’t just going to be useful for individuals that are searching for your content (kind of working as keyword anchors as well) but they also help the search engine algorithms in YouTube sort your content as well.

The more tags you add, and the more descriptive your tags are, the better the underlying algorithms are going to understand the type of content you have created and what the “core message” of your video is all about.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you can just throw all kinds of tags at your videos and hope for the best. That approach is going to have you blacklisted by YouTube faster than you would have ever thought possible – just the same way that keyword stuffing would cripple your search engine optimization online as well.

Instead, consider this more of a short tail search engine optimization effort and use tools like to choose tags. Designed your strategies around that kind of approach and you’ll have no trouble whatsoever hitting the ground running.

Optimize Your Thumbnails

The thumbnail image that you share is going to be the “book cover” of your content.

It isn’t something that you should ever leave to chance or something that you should let you to generate automatically for you, either.

This is going to help you separate yourself from the rest of the pack, help to separate your content from all the other videos that you’re interested prospects might be looking at, and help you create a more consistent and recognizable “brand-name” on YouTube as well.

Boring, bland, or uninteresting thumbnails are going to cripple your viewership on YouTube faster than you ever would have thought possible.

Instead, thumbnails need to be relevant, need to be interesting, and need to be engaging. Don’t be afraid to splash some text on your content, to highlight key parts of your thumbnail, or to otherwise use graphic design elements to draw as much attention to your platform and your content as possible.

The more visually interesting you can make your content the more successful you will be at attracting new viewers and boosting your total count.

Consider Using Transcriptions

One of the coolest features of YouTube is that it comes complete with tools to create transcriptions, cleverly hidden in the “Closed Captioning” section of your YouTube Studio portal.

Not only will these kinds of video transcriptions dramatically improve viewership of your content for those that are disabled or hearing impaired, but it’s also going to improve the readability of your content for those that may not speak English as their first or primary language but are comfortable reading it at their own pace.

On top of that, transcriptions are going to give you an opportunity to boost your overall viewership traffic significantly. Behavioral analytics from behind the scenes at Google time and time again show that videos that provide transcriptions ALWAYS outpace and are more frequently viewed than videos that do not.

The fact that YouTube does all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to the creation of your transcriptions (on autopilot while you upload your content) really makes this a no-brainer kind of decision.

Create a Regular Content Schedule

Creating a regular content schedule – and then sticking to that content schedule like glue – will dramatically improve your overall YouTube viewership the same way that keeping a popular TV show on at the same time and on the same night every single week works.

Far too many content creators take a willy-nilly approach to generate YouTube posts, throwing up videos whenever they have a spare chance to do so, and never really getting consistent about it.

That is a major mistake you’ll want to avoid at all costs!

Instead, you really want to think about creating a content schedule (daily, semi-daily, weekly, etc.) that allows you to post frequently – attracting more consistent views – that isn’t going to overburden or over saturate your channel, either.

Some people even take things to the next level and have themed days throughout the week where they post specific kinds of content. This might be of interest for you if you are shooting for daily semi-daily uploads, though weekly uploads probably aren’t going to benefit from this kind of approach all that much.

Purchase YouTube Views Outright

Of course, if you really want to accelerate your success considerably – and skyrocket your odds of building the kind of popular YouTube channel you deserve – it’s not a bad idea to buy YouTube views outright from a service like our own.

Brand-new channels (as well as more seasoned channels that just haven’t taken off yet) can benefit significantly from a flood of new views the way that we can deliver them.

Not only will you get a lot more activity on your YouTube content with this approach, but you’re also going to have the opportunity to get more action from YouTube themselves as far as internal promotion is concerned. YouTube always looks for interesting and engaging content that is being viewed more frequently to promote, and if you are seen by the search engine algorithms at YouTube to be getting a lot of use all of a sudden they are a lot more likely to promote your content as well – and that can help you really take off.

At the end of the day, there’s simply no faster or more consistent way to get all the YouTube views you need to create a successful channel than choosing to purchase them outright from a service like our own.

Best of all, we are able to promise guaranteed delivery of ALL the views that you have purchased (without exception) all without ever risking your account, your reputation, or your good name.

If you’re interested in learning a little bit more about how we may be able to help you with your YouTube channel, YouTube promotion, and YouTube marketing, in general, contact us at your earliest opportunity.

We would love nothing more than the chance to talk about a project we might be able to do together, helping you put together the right amount of views, subscribers, and engagement to skyrocket your success on YouTube almost overnight.

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