Looking For Ways to Create a Successful YouTube Channel? Follow These YouTube Channel Optimization Tips!

YouTube has surpassed television when it comes to gaining viewer attention. Analytics has revealed that YouTube mobile users are two times more likely to pay attention to an in-app video than a viewer watching television. When it comes to creating an effective YouTube channel, channel optimization plays a key role.

YouTubers and vloggers are well aware of the fact that optimization is vital for the success of their channel. In order to learn how to optimize a YouTube channel in an efficient manner, you need to follow important techniques of Search Engine Optimization.

Here’s a look at some crucial techniques that will make it easy for you to optimize a YouTube channel

Make use of keywords

Akin to video optimization, YouTube channel optimization is dependent a lot on the right keywords. Conduct research on keywords and don’t shy away from using competitive keywords.

Choosing the right words can help your channel rank higher on the search results of YouTube.

Use keywords in the name of the channel, the titles of your videos and video tags and descriptions. Using a keyword in your channel name helps define your brand and allows others to find you.

Make use of words that best describe the content on your channel and its featured videos. This will help the algorithm of YouTube in categorizing your channel for relevant search results.

There are tools that can help you find the right keywords to use, like KeywordTool.io.

You can also add keywords in your advanced settings page if needed. Learn more about how you can do Youtube keyword research yourself.

Fill in the ‘About’ page

An often underused page in the digital world, the About Us page plays a key role when it comes to making users on the website understand who you are and for YouTube to offer you the best of content.

The ‘About’ page of your channel provides an overview of your YouTube channel and an introduction to what your channel offers. With the help of this page, you get to tell your subscribers and viewers about what your channel exactly does.

Keep this section succinct and well-written and make use of keywords that are closely connected with the content on your channel. The first sentence that appears in the description of your channel will also appear on the list of search results of YouTube, so it is important that you keep it concise and accurate.

An important thing to do with your ‘About’ page is to fill in the contacts of your other social media channels so that other viewers, vloggers, and YouTubers can get in touch with you anytime.

Filling the ‘About’ page in an effective, smart and accurate manner is a great way to optimize a YouTube channel. 

Utilize channel keyword tags under ‘Advanced Settings’

Under the ‘Advanced Settings’ section, you get a total of 100 characters where you can apply tags that allow you to fulfill the scope of the metadata of your channel.

These tags perform the same function on your website like they do on your YouTube channel but not all marketers place ample emphasis on Meta tags as they should. The idea is to allow Google and YouTube to index your website for search. Thus, the more contextual and relevant information you offer, the better it is for your channel. 

Create your channel trailer

The trailer of your channel is the first and the most important video for your channel and offers a preview to your content. Just like a movie trailer offers a preview of an upcoming movie, a channel trailer tells viewers what they can expect from the channel in terms of content.

A trailer is basically a visual introduction to your channel’s content and is only visible to users who are not subscribed to your channel. Thus, it offers you a great opportunity to garner more subscribers.

Channel trailers are generally 30 to 60 seconds in length. When it comes to creating an effective trailer, adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Pitch quickly and keep the trailer short. Hook your viewers within the initial few seconds
  • Introduce yourself as if no one on the internet has heard of you before
  • Ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel
  • Show, don’t tell. Provide examples of what you do on your channel 

Build consistent branding

The appearance of your channel plays a crucial part in your subscribers’ engagement, so go for branding your channel in a distinctive and consistent manner.

Go for a profile picture that best represents you and your brand and ensure that you style the thumbnails of your video to match it all to offer your YouTube channel a professional, polished and cohesive look.

This makes for a simple and amazing method to optimize a YouTube channel. 

Customize thumbnails of videos

If your video features on page 1, it is likely to face tough competition from other videos that may be serving viewer intent in a better manner.

So, in order to ensure that users click on your video despite it being ranked lower, you need to carve a great impression by having a customized thumbnail that stands out. You can download channel branding template here that will help you create the right size image for your channel.

Thumbnails should be accurate and pertinent to your videos without being a click-bait. 

Create playlists

One of the ranking factors of YouTube is dependent on watch time. The more the watch time, the more YouTube finds your channel and its videos engaging and beneficial to users, especially when your videos are getting tons of likes.

By creating playlists, you engage your viewers with your videos and make them stay longer on your channel. All this helps in boosting your ranking your YouTube videos in search results.

Viewers automatically get directed to the next video of the same topic in a playlist and this helps in building flow and interest and organizes the different types of content on your channel.

Thus, playlists become an effective tool that helps in engaging your viewers for longer time periods. 

Optimization of a YouTube channel is as essential as video optimization. Optimization is not only needed for getting more subscribers but also for building a well-known and popular channel and eventually a successful YouTube creator.

Follow the above-mentioned tips on how to optimize a YouTube channel and get started on the journey of becoming a YouTuber.  

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