Should Buy Spotify Followers?

Things have changed drastically ever since the internet came around, and this has been especially true for entertainment and media. It is becoming easier and easier to consume different kinds of content, without having to worry about availability or geographical location. With that, it also becomes easier for people to produce their own content and share it with the world.


In the past, where many content creators would have to go through emails upon emails (many of them remaining unread) to large companies that would force them into slave-like contracts to allow them access to the (music) equipment and budget needed to create content, many people are now able to do so easily with just a computer, the internet, and their own talent. In fact, that is where the term ‘indie’ comes from – an independent group, not under a label or firm. And with that, come services like Spotify.


Most of us already know what Spotify is and use it quite frequently – a media streaming platform that lets users access thousands of songs and playlists that are carefully curated based on albums, musicians, the time period during which the music was created, lyricists, movies, genres, and more. If you’re looking to promote your music, Spotify is your go-to place.


While Spotify makes it easier for indie musicians to make a name for themselves, it is also still another form of social media. It uses algorithms that you’d need to understand and take advantage of to be able to get anywhere with it. And just like any other kind of social media, it pays off if you buy authentic followers so that you can make your name in the world of music.

How Does Buying Spotify Followers Help me?

We all want followers. Having more followers in the era of social media is about prestige and honor. It is social proof that the content you’re creating is interesting and worth listening to. The following are reasons why you should invest in buying followers for your Spotify.


Get New Followers

With how social media algorithms work nowadays, having more followers means you get even more followers – this phenomenon is called ‘wisdom of the crowd’ where if everybody is doing something, others want in on the experience, too. It’s never easy to start off on a new platform where you know virtually nobody, but it’s even harder to make people choose to follow you for your content. Particularly more so when you’re new to the platform and don’t have much content up to let people gauge whether they want to follow you for more or not.


Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the cumbersome organic process of growing your Spotify account. Buying authentic followers can get you past the first few weeks or months of trying to establish a place for yourself and get you in a place where you can then grow your following organically and at a faster rate.


Influence New People

Suppose there is a person with a million followers and another with a hundred followers. Regardless of which of these two people are ‘better’ at creating content – whether that’s music or just playlists – the larger number of followers is most likely to add an edge of authenticity to your account. A third party would think a million people liking someone’s content means that people are much more likely to prefer their content over someone who only has a hundred people supporting them. Though this may be a biased perspective, it’s how the human mind and social media works nowadays. You can cash in on this phenomenon by investing a small amount into a paid growth service from Ripe Social and reap the benefits even years later.


Boost Your Own Self Confidence

It’s much easier to feel better about yourself seeing a large number of people following you and knowing that there are so many people who would be listening to your content. When working hard on producing something, the time and effort you put in feel like a waste if you don’t get the desired results. By getting a few hundred listens to your music and seeing the organic boost afterward, you get to feel much better about yourself, and the motivation to create more doesn’t die out. Just the feeling of knowing that someone out there cares about what you created out of nothing is enough to keep you going.


It’s Easy and Affordable

Unlike what you probably think, buying followers isn’t the complicated process it looks like. You might worry about falling victim to scams, which is reasonable, but with Spotify promotion service from Ripe Social, you can now safely buy genuine followers. All you have to do is pay a specific amount that is well within your budget (there are even some great packages available), and within the time promised, you will have the number of followers you paid for. Not only is it easy and inexpensive, but it also lets you grow much faster, and you can get your money back by monetizing your account with your much larger new following. It is an investment well worth it!


Promote Your Music

Of course, more than anything else, being able to promote something you worked hard on, and having people listen to it is the ultimate goal of Spotify. Whether you buy followers or grow your account organically, if you are making music, it’d be because it is something you love doing. It feels good to create, and it feels better to share it with the world.


The more people who listen to your music, the better, and buying followers is just another way to do so. In fact, by reaching out to more people, you get to increase your chances of turning your passion into your career, and there is nothing that feels better than doing something you love all your life and being compensated for it.


Who knows? By reaching out, you might end up with a contract for a label that would have been a pipedream only a few years ago. Instead of sending out emails that never get read, you might be receiving a scouting offer in your inbox instead.