Why You Should Buy Spotify Plays

If you’re a budding musician with a passion for the musical arts, you are probably already on Spotify. It’s the place where indie composers and vocalists come to show off their talent – and some even get recruited by big labels. But how will you show off if you don’t have enough plays or followers?


The type of social media algorithms that exist today don’t usually allow a fair chance to real talent. To get yourself seen (and heard) in such a situation, you need to grow your account through a paid growth service instead of merely relying on organic growth. Even mediocre artists use paid services to grow, and with such services, they appear to be more popular at first glance than more talented artists who are naive enough to depend solely on organic growth.


Buying plays is often mistaken for scammy services. And while it’s true that there are many scam providers out there pretending to be legitimate growth service providers, the fact remains that services like Ripe Social are safe and will bring you authentic growth instead of having you flagged by the algorithm as spam.


A legitimate growth service will promote your work on the platform with plays coming from real people who are likely to be interested in your content and engage. It would not use illegitimate methods like bots that provide meaningless engagement. Sounds transparent enough, right? That’s because it is. Real growth services are handy and can provide exponential growth to your account – they are, in fact, the game-changers of social media popularity.

What Do You Get Out of Buying Spotify Plays?


Having more plays on your music works similar to how more likes and comments work on your Instagram or Facebook. They help get your content around and on the top. Social media rules are simple – more engagement leads to even more engagement. The more plays you get on your music, the more people will actually listen to it because:


  1. a) this gives you social proof
  2. b) the algorithm will reward your high engagement by bringing your content up, which means even more engagement.


That doesn’t sound fair, does it? Unfortunately, that’s how it works. People are more likely to engage with content they know other people also like, and algorithms bring the content up to the surface when they think people like it.


We all love seeing our content grow. In fact, when we create content, we do go around showing it to the people around us to see if they like it. The social media equivalent is just to buy Spotify plays so that we can establish a space for ourselves on the network.


Instant Branding


Think of it this way: your music is your creation, and you want people to buy it. Maybe not in a monetary sense, but you want them to listen to your content and spread it around. If you start treating your music as a business, you’d be able to get it around more.


Branding your music with a greater number of plays, and giving your audience an authentic piece that makes them think right from the get-go that it is something they would like will not just help your ‘brand’ grow, but will also allow you to get noticed by one of the larger labels and firms. After all, branding needs time and investment, and the end goal of your making music isn’t to be just an indie producer on a social app, is it? Unless it’s a side hustle, you should let your music help you earn big, and you can only do that by making it big.


Instant Visibility


While Spotify isn’t your typical social app, it does include sharing your music – both what you like and what you make – with other people. And like all other social apps, your visibility will grow with how visible you already are. We’ve talked about engagement – but how much engagement do you need? Having a massive following helps, of course, but not everyone manages to get to that level.


The aim is to be visible. Just the visibility will give you more edge over others. By having more people know of your existence, you get a greater chance to grow and have your music spread around by others. In fact, by buying Spotify plays, the likelihood of your music being added to playlists increases, which means your chances of getting more followers increase too since people who follow others’ playlists will also find your music.


Instant Growth


After coming across a paid growth service and having a look at the packages, you might think, ‘Well, why should I spend so much money on something like this?’  The answer is: you don’t have to! Buying Spotify plays isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg, and it certainly has its benefits.


Not everyone manages to start off organically. In fact, with the way the internet works nowadays, most people who grow big organically are those whose initial posts go viral through those who already have a large following. A big chunk of indie creators will stay small and grow very slowly over the years. By the time you get to where you want to be, chances are you or your audience has already lost interest, unless you churn out music regularly to stay at the top of the algorithm, but music isn’t the kind of thing you can create every day.


You don’t have to waste your time trying to beat an unfair system – just step around it! Buying Spotify plays will save you time and get you to the end goal much faster, at a very affordable price. With Ripe Social’s legitimate and reliable Spotify promotion service, you don’t have to worry about being scammed. And wouldn’t it be worth it when you see your numbers grow so much faster once you’ve made the purchase? The truth is, it’s a minimal investment for a huge benefit. So, choose Ripe Social now and see your Spotify plays surge within days.