Why You Should Buy TikTok Followers

TikTok is the viral new app that all teenagers and even adults seem to be using these days to create short, edgy videos. Many have used this new social media platform to earn money, too, and turn themselves into TikTok sensations after garnering a huge fan base of mostly Gen Z TikTokers. Many brands, wanting to leverage this TikTok fame and appeal to a whole new customer demographic, have started using the app, too, in order to increase their sales. Whether you’re an influencer or a brand on TikTok, if you play smart, incredible fame and earning could be yours for the taking if you play your cards well and create good content.

Organic Vs. Paid Growth

In a short two years since its launch, TikTok has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the social media world. If you want your presence to be known (and grown) amongst the younger generation, you need to know how to become visible on TikTok. While organic growth does constitute to account growth, the major growth comes from paid services. In a cut-throat and competitive online world, visibility and engagement is everything. The more fans and engagement you have, the more social proof it is of your credibility.


To be able to reach relevant accounts that would view your videos, you need to push your content to the top; otherwise, it would just get lost in the clutter of the billions of videos that are being uploaded to TikTok every single day. Feel insignificant yet? Here’s more: almost all big influencers and brand names use paid services to give their account an initial boost and be visible to people. Those relying on organic growth very rarely manage to touch the surface of the fame that their counterparts have achieved. Why? Because paid growth is a game-changer.

Social Proof

What’s the difference between an account with 1000 fans and an account with 1 million? When a TikToker comes across an account with a huge following, they think that this account must be offering something worth viewing for it to have gained so many fans. This is called social proof – the proof that since others are all doing something, it must be worthwhile for you to buy in on the experience, too. It gives your account credibility and reputation and establishes it as somewhat of an authority in your niche. The more fans you have, the more additional fans you will get because fans feed fans. It is a social media cycle of growth and evolution.

Legitimate Service

It is inevitable that where there is demand, there is supply – and some of the supply is a scam. With so many TikTokers choosing to use paid growth service providers, many fake services have popped up to fulfill that need superficially. Instead of providing real and authentic fans, these services use bots to inflate fans – but all these fans are meaningless because they are bots and cannot provide sufficient engagement. Bots simply beef up the numbers, but in terms of providing valuable engagement, which would help garner even more engagement, they are useless.


Because TikTok wants to maintain the authenticity of its platform, it uses an algorithm by which it filters out and flags spam accounts – basically, those accounts which have a huge following but not enough corresponding engagement. This scenario gets them flagged as spam accounts and maybe even deleted.


Ripe Social is a legitimate growth service that sells only real TikTok fans. The fans you get from us come from accounts owned by real people who would engage with and promote your content. Our promotion methods do not violate the network’s terms of service. Moreover, we do not use bots and don’t ask for your password, either.


Our service works on bringing your content in front of users who have similar interests and would be more likely to engage and follow you. And we do this with the help of predictive algorithms. This means that these are real fans who would watch your videos, share them, and provide meaningful engagement. This keeps your account safe and in complete accordance with TikTok’s terms of use.

Why Choose RipeSocial?

Ripe Social, as the name suggests, is here to ripen your social media game. As a legitimate growth service provider, Ripe Social’s motto is to make growth easy for everyone. Hence, we provide extremely affordable packages for you to choose from and make good use of. It is a more for less deal, and success will be at your fingertips when you choose Ripe Social.


All you have to do is choose the growth package you want and make a small payment. Ripe Social will then guide you on how to proceed and what to expect. We will also be available to answer and solve any queries that you may have with regards to your expected growth.


Growing your account is a full-time job and one that requires effort, time, and investment. With organic growth only, you will never be able to touch the surface of real fame, and you need to rely on paid growth, at least for a while until you start seeing your number of fans increase substantially enough to be sufficient social proof. With a good amount of social proof, you can be sure that more people will want to follow you because they see so many people already following you. That’s called ‘wisdom of the crowd,’ and it is a very powerful thing.


Ripe Social’s growth strategies can help you unlock your social media dreams and establish a career as an influencer or a reputation as a brand. All you have to do is trust us and let our experts do the rest. We will give you an exponential return for your investment. Social media growth and fame are now affordable and very real with Ripe Social!


So choose RipeSocial today for a more successful TikTok career down the line.