Tips to Supercharge Your YouTube Views in 2020

If you’re a newbie YouTuber who wants to rack up their YouTube views, then you’ve got some fierce competition to deal with. While YouTube is the best platform for your videos to be found, getting people to find and watch your videos can be challenging, especially in the beginning. So, how can you draw more views on the world’s second most popular website in 2020 if you’re not an expert YouTuber?

The good news is that there are some tested and proven ways to increase your YouTube views. By keeping your target audience in mind, you can ensure that the play button is clicked on by following some simple strategies that we have listed below.

Upload Videos When Your Audience is Online on YouTube

The best time to upload videos on your YouTube channel is when your audience is online. Why? Your video doesn’t disappear behind a slough of newer videos when your viewer comes online later. But wait, there is a hiccup. How do you know when your audience is online? Unfortunately, you can’t know that through YouTube, so the best strategy is to post on different days and times and see what works best for you and your channel. This trial and error technique will help you establish a schedule for your videos and, consequently, get more views.

Understand the Fundamentals of YouTube SEO

For any type of content to be found online, SEO plays a key role and YouTube videos are no exception. You need to understand at least the fundamentals of YouTube optimization to be able to bump your videos and channel up in ranking. This includes keyword research, use of tags, and title and description optimization. It is also a good idea to know how to retain the audience through an optimal watch time and YouTube engagement signals. Some research in these areas will help you obtain and keep viewers.

Share Clips of Your Videos on Other Social Media Networks

If you share your entire YouTube video on, say, Facebook, it will get some views. But the views will not count towards your video on YouTube. Moreover, every social media channel wants viewers to stay on their platform. So, Facebook or any other social media platform will not promote your YouTube video to its maximum potential.

Instead of posting your entire video, consider posting a trailer or short clip of your video on other social networking sites. By doing so, you’re basically using the other networks as means to let your followers know that you’ve got a new video for them on YouTube. Your goal has to be to direct your audience to watch the complete video on your YouTube channel. This strategy works best to earn more YouTube views.

Use Appealing and Eye-Catching Playlist Titles

Creating attractive and exciting playlist titles is yet another effective way to drive more views to your YouTube videos. Spend some time brainstorming out-of-the-box title ideas, so your audience doesn’t scroll past your content. Trigger curiosity instead of naming your playlist whatever first pops into your head. Know your audience, understand what they want, and communicate the same through your playlist titles.

Optimize Your Videos for Google

Just because a video is ranking higher on YouTube doesn’t guarantee that it will attain the same feat on Google. That means while ranking your content on YouTube, you need to make sure that it ranks high on Google as well; otherwise, Googlers will not come across your video.

Implementing at least the basics of video SEO can drive more views to your YouTube videos from the search engine. Google can exponentially increase your views if you can implement SEO best practices. Besides researching and placing popular keywords in your video titles and descriptions, writing transcripts for the videos can expand your reach exponentially.

Get Started

These are some essential tips on how to increase your views. As a YouTuber, it is vital to understand how search engines work and what your audience wants. If you want to get help for your channel’s initial jumpstart, consider handing over the tough work to a professional while you focus on the content. Many services, such as RipeSocial, help Youtubers increase their views, subscriptions, and likes in organic ways. But before you choose such a service, make sure their service is legitimate, and you’re guaranteed to get real Youtube views and likes.

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