YouTube Monetization: Policy Update

YouTube has raised the bar for content monetization with a policy update around “commercial viability,” irking a lot of creators. The new policy has already come into effect. Now the video-sharing platform has explained how you can attain the challenging 4,000 watch hours before you can monetize your content. If you are reading this, chances are you have already seen a fresh plunge in your channel’s Watch Time hours. 

Many YouTubers are already working their way to keep up with the new policy and get to the 4,000 hours of Watch Time, while at the same time keeping a close eye on their channels’ performance. Imagine you have made good progress, and then all of a sudden, a big chunk of those Watch Time hours are gone. Why on earth did it happen?

What Caused Your YouTube Watch Time to Drop?

Content creators working to achieve the 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 Watch Time on YouTube are aware of the monetization eligibility screen that displays the progress you’ve made to meet the platform’s criteria. That screen derives your progress from the YouTube Creator Studio. If you have been working on your channel for quite some time, unless you are a novice who doesn’t know how to check watch hours on YouTube, you must be aware of the new Creator Studio that is equipped with many features, numbers, and graphs. 

The new screen is just an updated version of the old one. Now you have a much simpler and cleaner interface to check your progress. But this update has also brought along much-reduced Watch Time hours than it was before. Many people might already have gotten panicked by now. Head over to your monetization page to be sure. 

Lest you have been watching those numbers every day, chances are you are now sure whether or not your Watch Time hours have dropped. Just during the past few days, we have come across many cases where hundreds of YouTubers have complained of losing watch hours from their channels.

Initially, YouTube did not explain changes to the eligibility criteria and why many creators saw a drip in their hours. But now they have fixed the technical issue, putting a clarification in the new Studio sign-up page that says the platform will now consider only public watch hours for monetization eligibility. The old YPP sign up page used to display total watch hours, including public, unlisted, and private, but now that isn’t the case, YouTube said in its clarification. 

This may trigger two questions in your mind: Has YouTube been displaying all the wrong statistics over these years? Or did it really change its policy but failed to communicate the changes in a timely fashion? In both cases, it is such an embarrassment for the video-sharing giant. 

Many YouTubers have, in the past, asked YouTube whether private and unlisted videos totaled towards Watch Time hours for monetization. The platform always held then that unlisted videos do, but private videos don’t. That may have been a miscommunication on the part of YouTube, but has the platform silently done away with unlisted hours from videos?

If this theory seems utter nonsense to you, then let’s consider the first one because that might answer why so many channels have remained in review for years now, without being accepted. These channels don’t have the eligible public Watch hours, but the creators thought they did because YouTube was showing it to them. YouTube has created a mess that has left many creators confused. 

What We Want to Know About YouTube Watch Hours

Forget about these theories for a minute and think about the facts mentioned on the YouTube support page. The people at YouTube are now emphasizing on “valid public Watch hours.” Now, this is an entirely novel term in YouTube monetization. And it looks like the video-sharing giant now seems to explain this condition. The support page says not all watch hours will contribute to the YouTube Partner Program threshold. 

According to YouTube;

· Watch hours that come from videos that you have made public will count towards the YPP threshold

· Watch hours coming from private, unlisted, and deleted videos, and TrueView campaigns will not count towards the YPP threshold

Do Unlisted Videos Count as Views?

Like most YouTubers, you may have these questions in mind: do unlisted videos count as views?

YouTube’s new policy does not count views on unlisted videos for monetization. But, what if a video was public, such as a live stream that was later set to unlisted.

Do the views gained on the video count towards Watch Time hours before it was set to unlisted or private? YouTube has the answer in the affirmative, but most YouTubers are still not sure. 

If you already know how to check watch hours on YouTube, you could head over to your channel and set a few videos to unlisted for some days and see if your monetization statistics change. But keeping in view the associated risks, you should avoid doing so. 

How to Get More Views on YouTube?

If you own a YouTube channel and wonder as to how you can get more views on your videos for free, then the process is going to take more time and effort. But if you do things right, you will enjoy the rewards in the form of more views, better audience experience, and the chance to expand your viewership.

Here’re are some tips for increasing your YouTube views:

1. Find a niche you are passionate about and one that has high search volume and low competition

2. Produce high-quality videos that educate and entertain your viewers

3. Create descriptive titles for the videos

4. Do keyword research and use keywords in the title

5. Write quality descriptions and use keywords in the description

6. Use the video tags in your favor

7. Optimize the thumbnail images

8. Make transcripts of your videos

9. Engage with your audience – ask questions and answer their questions

10. Create end screens

11. Create playlists

12. Provide links to other videos on your channel

13. Contact influencers to promote your channel

14. Embed the videos on your blog and website

As said earlier, these are the organic methods to get more views on YouTube, but these methods don’t deliver quick results. If you want to get more views quickly, then you can simply buy Youtube views from us.

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